The Faces Behind The Inside Scoops

If you love ice cream, this blog is for you. We’re Natalie and Rebecca – two friends who share a love for all things ice cream. We’ll be taking on the ~very~ painstaking task of trying all the local creameries, ice cream shops, and homemade ice cream that we can find, so that we can share our experiences and recommendations with you. We have a true passion for ice cream and never want it to make us feel let down or bored with what we’re licking. 

As busy young adults, we understand the challenges of a busy life – so our goal is to provide you with a quick and effective guide to the world’s best ice cream so you can truly spend your time and money enjoying only the best cold treats. 

We know what you’re thinking, “wow, that’s hard work!” And we agree. But someone has to do it, and we are more than willing to be those people. 

We’re so excited you are here thanks for joining us, and we hope you find our laborious research helpful and mouthwatering.

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