Why We’re Here

Simply put, we love all things ice cream: creameries, milkshakes, gelato. In fact, it’s definitely one of the things we bonded over when we first met. And, well, the ropes course helped too. (Thanks RA training!)

Our first picture together, ever!

Now, living in different states and with some time to spare, we wanted to put our love of ice cream to good use! And, it very conveniently allows us to eat and talk about ice cream – one of our favorite pastimes.

So here’s the plan. We are on the hunt for the best homemade ice cream that we can find. We plan to visit ice cream shops/creameries that serve homemade ice cream, gelato, custard, you name it. We’ll then give you our honest (and sometimes sassy) opinions on the shop, the flavors, and the taste. And, since we are “The Inside Scoops,” we will give a final ranking of how many “scoops” we give our overall experience.

If you’ve ever seen the show Four Weddings, just imagine it’s like that, but with ice cream. (And honestly, if you haven’t seen Four Weddings, 10/10 would recommend).

And, big news: we’ve already visited our first ice cream shop and done our first tasting. Get ready for that post coming soon!

A little ~sneak peek~ of the ice cream selection at our first stop

Thank you for joining us on our journey! You can also follow us on Instagram – @theinsidescoopsblog. And, if you have any recommendations for places we ~must try~ please let us know! We can be reached at blogtheinsidescoop@gmail.com or if you know us, you know where to find us.

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