Sugar Hill Creamery – New York, NY

Thanks to a generous friend who knows us well, we had a gift card to use at Sugar Hill Creamery and took a trip up to Harlem to give it a try! Sugar Hill’s flavors are the definition of unique. When we visited, the flavors included Chairperson of the Board (blueberry cheesecake), Hello New WorldContinue reading “Sugar Hill Creamery – New York, NY”

Central Dairy – Jefferson City, MO

So Scoopers, we’ve done our first tasting in the Midwest. As we suspected, land is a little flatter out here. Please enjoy some pics of Jefferson City, aka Missouri’s capital city! When we did our research, it was clear that Central Dairy is the ice cream spot to hit up in Jefferson City. Fun fact,Continue reading “Central Dairy – Jefferson City, MO”

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – New York, NY

After a slight hiatus, we’re back and reviewing homemade ice cream like never before! We’re certainly not the kind of people who believe that ice cream eating should be limited to warm temperature months. Our time at Morgenstern’s reflected that, as it was about 20 degrees outside and we ate our ice cream outdoors, asContinue reading “Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – New York, NY”

Ice Cream Jubilee Autumn (Thanksgiving) Specialty Flavors

*Full review of classic Ice Cream Jubilee flavors coming soon! Thanksgiving is synonymous with certain foods – but we can guarantee you don’t often ever dream of those foods in ice cream form, right? Well we didn’t until Ice Cream Jubilee announced their Savory Thanksgiving Flavors. As soon as we heard about Black Pepper Bacon,Continue reading “Ice Cream Jubilee Autumn (Thanksgiving) Specialty Flavors”

Amorino Gelato – New York, NY

As you probably know, gelato isn’t as much of our thing as ice cream, but we also can never turn down a chance to try a frozen dessert, especially when we’ve walked past the store multiple times and it seems to be calling our names. So, we finally stepped foot into one of Amorino Gelato’sContinue reading “Amorino Gelato – New York, NY”

A La Mode Shoppe – New York, NY

The great Taylor Swift once said “Welcome to New York!” and truly, there is no better way to be welcomed to New York than with ice cream. (Although New York pizza and bagels would also be great). A La Mode Shoppe is unlike any ice cream place we’ve seen before. Not only do they serveContinue reading “A La Mode Shoppe – New York, NY”

Vacchiano Farm – Readington, NJ

This one hits super close to home aka on a stretch of highway that I’ve driven thousands of times. But, it’s a relatively new place, and started serving ice cream recently, so I was very excited to get inside and give it a try! Now, this is not your typical ice cream scoop shop. Instead,Continue reading “Vacchiano Farm – Readington, NJ”

Van Leeuwen – Philadelphia, PA (and other locations, most notably, NYC)

We visited one of Van Leeuwen’s newest locations, its scoop shop in Philly. The shop offered a bevy of flavors, and they let us try as many as we wanted. Did we try 5-8 flavors each? You bet we did! It was a great way to get a full taste of Van Leeuwen’s range ofContinue reading “Van Leeuwen – Philadelphia, PA (and other locations, most notably, NYC)”

Van Leeuwen Mac & Cheese Ice Cream – New York, NY

Ice cream tasting is not always glamorous; sometimes it involves trying ice cream flavors that might usually make someone pause. In our case, that was trying mac & cheese flavored ice cream. This flavor appeared sometime earlier this summer and sold out so quickly that we couldn’t get our hands on it. Luckily, we areContinue reading “Van Leeuwen Mac & Cheese Ice Cream – New York, NY”

The Franklin Fountain – Philadelphia, PA

Getting ice cream at The Franklin Fountain is like taking a step back in time. The ice cream parlor and next-door confectionery are designed to be an authentic, old-school ice cream parlor and soda fountain. The ice cream is homemade, and you can tell. There is a variety of flavors – many of them classicContinue reading “The Franklin Fountain – Philadelphia, PA”