Doumar’s Barbecue – Norfolk, VA

Yes, you read that right. Our most recent ice cream adventure occurred at a barbecue place. We didn’t try the barbecue this time around, but should we start a barbecue blog, Doumar’s will be high on our list.

We went for the homemade ice cream, homemade waffle cones, and history. The founder of Doumar’s invented waffle cones at the 1904 World Fair. Okay, how cool is that?! And, they still make all of their waffle cones with the same recipe and machine that the founder used back in the day. It was like experiencing a part of ice cream history. What a dream.

World’s First Cone Machine

While it had other locations, it opened at its current location in Norfolk in 1934. And, walking into Doumar’s is exactly like taking a step back in time. It is styled like an old-school diner. And, outside, they offer service directly to your car in the old drive-in style. While we opted to eat inside, their outside service area seemed like a great place to enjoy an ice cream cone as dusk falls on a summer night.

Truthfully, Doumar’s doesn’t have a huge flavor selection. While they offer many different forms of ice cream (like scoops, shakes, and sundaes), the flavors are pretty straightforward: vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, lime sherbet, and orange sherbet. But their waffle cones? Absolutely magical. Without a doubt they could be eaten on their own. They tasted fresh, authentic, and everything you could want a waffle cone to be.

And prices are insanely reasonable. It was $4 for two scoops on a waffle cone, which is practically unheard of for homemade ice cream.

Chocolate and Butter Pecan on a Homemade Waffle Cone

The Flavor Review:

Chocolate (Rebecca): The chocolate was okay. It had a solid chocolate flavor and was creamy. Was it my favorite chocolate ever? No, but it was still good. However, a disappointment was that it was a little icy. Like I could taste the ice chips as I was eating it. None of the other flavors were like this, so I have to imagine it was due to positioning in the freezer or some other fluke, but it wasn’t my favorite.

Butter Pecan (Rebecca): I’ll admit I was a butter pecan newbie, so this was a first for me. I thought it was very creamy and I enjoyed the crunch of the pecans throughout. The flavor of the ice cream wasn’t terribly strong (like I tasted notes of the butter pecan flavor every now and then), but it wasn’t in every bite. I thought it tasted good that way, but my butter pecan palate might not be as refined as any butter pecan lovers out there.

Chocolate (Natalie): If you were ordering a chocolate milkshake, I feel like Doumar’s chocolate would be a great ice cream to use. Having a scoop of it reminded me of Wendy’s chocolate frosty since it was a little icier (and less creamy) than I prefer my ice cream. Maybe this was a one time issue like Rebecca mentioned above, and it was good enough that I would take an opportunity to give their chocolate a second chance!

Vanilla (Natalie): Doumar’s vanilla was CLASSIC! It lived up to the expected vanilla flavor and creaminess. I could have enjoyed a second scoop, and while it was good in a cup, I am positive it would pair excellently with one of their homemade cones. They definitely have this classic flavor perfected, which I appreciate since I think a burger, fires, and a vanilla ice cream cone is a triple threat.

Vanilla on a Homemade Cone
A Cup of Chocolate and Vanilla

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie: 2.5 Scoops (for the ice cream), 4.5 scoops (for the experience). This place takes you back in time and a sweet treat is the perfect addition to their fun experience and throwback decor. The ice cream did not blow my socks off, but I heard the homemade cones were great and honestly the experience was unbeatable.

Rebecca: 2.5 Scoops – This place is a classic (4.5 scoops for the experience!). I loved the experience of it and it was quite cool to feel like I was experiencing a part of ice cream history. Plus, the waffle cone was delicious. Honestly, I would eat it plain, it was that phenomenal. However, the ice cream was just fine. It was good, but nothing to write home about. I’d still recommend a visit for the waffle cones, the experience, and the prices.


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