BMORE LICKS – Baltimore, MD

BMORE LICKS provides a fun and DELICIOUS ice cream experience in Baltimore! ALL of their ice cream is homemade, there is an extensive list of flavor options, and their buildings are lined with pretty ice cream murals.

BMORE LICKS has two locations that are both eye-candy upon arrival. We visited the Federal Hill location which provides both indoor and outdoor service in a cute and very accessible neighborhood in Baltimore. It is clear by the constant line that this is a ~hot spot~ for visitors and locals who need a sweet treat.

Holy Moly – if you are indecisive, this might not be the place for you. BMORE LICKS provides a menu with 100 soft serve flavors (homemade!) and 30 rotating hard ice cream (also homemade!). Can you tell we were impressed? By homemade, we mean completely homemade. From our vantage point in the store, we could see employees working with pie crust, presumably to be used in a flavor. Our pictures don’t do justice to the massive wall with all of the (homemade!) flavors listed!

Beyond just the ample flavor options, their menu has something for everyone including scoops in a variety of cones (including gluten free), milkshakes, sundaes, snowballs, and vegan options.

The Flavor Review:

Cookie Monster (Rebecca): Did I ever expect to eat blue ice cream? Nope. Am I glad that I did? Oh yes. The ice cream was rich and creamy and chock-full of cookie dough and Oreos. I loved how many chunks of the other components were mixed in with the ice cream. It made every spoonful and explosion of texture and flavor. I loved it! 11/10 would eat again.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (Natalie): Compared to their other flavors, this flavor was on the simpler side but still proved to be delicious. The chocolate ice cream base was creamy and smooth and then made better with huge chunks of peanut butter cups. I don’t think I would add or adjust anything to this flavor as it really provided a delicious treat without being too rich or too sweet. *Also, put it in/on a gluten free sugar cone and I am in heaven.

Cuban Coffee Oreo (Rebecca): This is one of BMORE LICKS’ most popular flavors, and I can certainly see why. Every bite had the perfect mix of coffee ice cream and Oreo pieces. The coffee base was creamy and had a delicious depth of coffee flavor. The ice cream brimmed with hearty pieces of Oreo, so there was crunch and texture in every spoonful. It lived up to its name and it was simply scrumptious.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie: 4 Scoops – BMORE LICKS provides the classic cool treat experience with something for everyone. I don’t think I would ever get the same thing twice when visiting because so many things on the menu sounded delicious. I find it impressive that they provide so many options while maintaining their high-quality homemade ice cream. They also earn a lot of credit in my scoop score for proving both hard and soft serve homemade ice cream. Homemade ice cream is ideal, but having the option of hard scooped or soft serve is so much fun! (I also need to mention that there was a small issue with my ice cream that was handled very professionally by the friendly staff).

Rebecca: 4.75 Scoops – This is my favorite ice cream that we’ve tried so far. It was rich and creamy, and full of chunks of goodness (like cookie dough, Oreos, and peanut butter). It made the ice cream thick and chunky, and absolutely bursting with texture and flavor. It was truly scrumptious and I could’ve eaten even more than the two massive scoops that I had. I also appreciated their wide variety of completely homemade flavors.

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