The Charmery – Baltimore, MD

The Charmery is founded on the goal of “happiness through ice cream”. Talk about a place that just gets us!!

This small-batch, homemade ice cream shop focuses on quality ice cream. The Charmery provides a mixture of the classic ice cream flavors (their 7 “always” flavors) while also focusing on fun ice cream creations (see below for the crazy flavor we tried).

The flavor options!

We love their commitment to supporting local farmers and producers in making their ice cream. And the people of Baltimore must love it too, as The Charmery has four locations around the city of Baltimore, and also offers delivery. Access to homemade ice cream truly cannot get any easier! We visited the location in Federal Hill.

Our experience at The Charmery was great, from the friendly service to the delicious ice cream, and it was obvious that it is a popular spot to stop for a cool, sweet treat. While there wasn’t any seating outside the shop, we found a nice curb in some shade and ate our ice cream while enjoying the warm afternoon (and yes, people watching).

Your Inside Scoopers hard at work

The Flavor Review:

Toasted Strawberry: This flavor was classic and bold. They get credit for keeping it classic and not messing it up. I did not notice the special “toasted” part of the flavor and it definitely didn’t make it much different than the traditional strawberry flavor for me, but they said it is supposed to bring out a stronger strawberry flavor. I did enjoy how smooth their ice cream was overall, and strawberry definitely lived up to that too. 

Toasted Strawberry

Tell Tale Chocolate: This flavor is described as a “deep dark chocolate” and it definitely lived up to its name. The chocolate flavor was very rich and strong. The ice cream itself was creamy and very smooth – one might even say it was velvety. I thought it was a very good chocolate ice cream, but it didn’t blow me away.

Old Bay Caramel (Natalie): When you’re eating ice cream in Maryland, this feels is a must try. I probably wouldn’t eat it again since the only thing I tasted in this flavor was old bay – and fish. That was weird. I’m not sure if the fish flavor was just my taste buds associating previous Old Bay experiences (that did not include ice cream), but it did not make my taste buds happy. I tasted no caramel, but maybe that just helped dilute the Old Bay flavor? I was so glad we could get a kid size scoop to try because we could not even finish that!

Old Bay Caramel (Rebecca): We saw this on the menu and decided to go for it (for the sake of research, of course). It was….interesting. It tasted sweet at first (perhaps the caramel part?), and then the Old Bay flavor kicked in. Once the Old Bay flavor arrived, however, I felt like I should be eating seafood, not ice cream. It was worth a try, but I probably wouldn’t go for it again. However, I didn’t grow up on Old Bay as some people do, so if you did, well then, this might be the flavor for you!

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie: 3 Scoops – The Charmery was cute and simple. It seems like a great quick stop for ice cream and their multiple locations make the convenience of homemade ice cream even better! I felt like their flavor selection was more limited than other places we have visited, but the classics were all represented and some fun options were there too. 

Rebecca: 3 Scoops – I thought the ice cream was deliciously creamy and delivered on flavor. Overall, it was tasty! And I respect the commitment to getting the Maryland-classic Old Bay flavor into an ice cream form. However, I thought that their flavor selection was a little boring. I would have enjoyed a few more options to choose from, especially more flavors with other components added in to add some texture and flavor to the ice cream base.

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