Lolly’s Creamery – Virginia Beach, VA

Lolly’s made it on our list when Natalie spotted its cute little shop while driving around Virginia Beach. And boy, are we glad that she did! Lolly’s is a DELICIOUS (and we’d argue essential) stop if you’re in Virginia Beach.

Lolly’s has two locations in Virginia Beach and we, for research purposes (of course), visited both. One is a little light turquoise stand-alone shop (see above) and the other located in a plaza. Both were cute and efficient shops staffed with very friendly scoopers. We were appreciative of the many samples that they let us try and the friendly small talk as they were taking our orders!

And, they offer treats for dogs too!

There are a set of regular flavors – think Double Dark Chocolate, Real Deal Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Monster, and Three Ships Coffee. And then, there are a dazzling array of fun specialty flavors that are released throughout each month. When we visited these unique flavors included Twisted Brownie, Golden Oreo Fudge, and Biscoff Oeey Gooey. Lolly’s Instagram features each new flavor as it comes out and scrolling through their page is guaranteed to make you hungry. There are also non-dairy flavors available!

The Flavor Review:

Mint Chocolate Chip: This was a delicious mint ice cream! Mint Chocolate Chip is my all time favorite ice cream flavor, and Lolly’s definitely nailed this flavor. The ice cream was so smooth, the mint flavor was so rich (without being too minty), the chocolate was minimal but enough throughout and the green color was fantastic!

Twisted Brownie: Definitely the most unique flavor I tried and it was simply delicious. It had a salted pretzel ice cream base with a thick, yummy caramel swirl and deliciously fudgy brownie chunks. All the flavors paired very well together. I have never had anything like it and 10/10 would eat again. It was a dreamy combination of salty and sweet. It was unique and delectable and everything you could want in an ice cream flavor.

Three Ships Coffee: This coffee ice cream was so subtle in flavor and kind of let me down. It wasn’t bad, but it just left me desiring more flavor. I loved the look of this coffee ice cream though because of the color and coffee speckle throughout.

Three Ships Coffee: I very much enjoyed this coffee ice cream. I thought the flavor was pure and strong, and tasted like drinking a cold brew. It had coffee speckles throughout (what I imagine were ground up coffee beans?) and I really appreciated the look and the texture of them in the ice cream.

Double Dark Chocolate: This flavor may go down as the best chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted. I love dark chocolate and feel like that was the difference between this chocolate and other chocolate ice creams I have enjoyed. It was so rich in flavor, while still being a great smooth ice cream. Lolly’s knows what they are doing with their chocolate ice cream.

Double Dark Chocolate: This might be the best chocolate ice cream I have ever eaten. “Fudgy” is the best way that I can think to describe it. It was rich, decadent, and oh so chocolatey. I still think about it sometimes. At first I wasn’t sure about just trying a chocolate ice cream, but wow, I was blown away. It was SO GOOD. I’d absolutely go back to Virginia Beach just to eat this chocolate ice cream.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie: 4.5 Scoops – Lolly’s Creamery really impressed me!! I appreciated being able to sample flavors prior to picking and everything I tasted was delicious. All the ice cream flavors were a smooth consistency and most of the flavors were very rich in flavor. Their appearance and decor were so charming and clean cut making it feel so fresh and airy. The visit to Lolly’s was so much fun and met all my ice cream shop desires!

Rebecca: 4.75 Scoops – Lolly’s has been my favorite shop that we’ve visited in Hampton Roads thus far. Let’s just say I was in the area for three days and I went twice…. Overall, the ice cream was rich, creamy, and delicious! I enjoyed every flavor that I tasted and each had a lovely depth of flavor. The shop was cute, the workers were friendly (and gave samples), and there was plenty of outdoor seating. Plus, that chocolate ice cream is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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