Woodside Farm Creamery – Hockessin, DE

This is pretty much as close to “cow to cone” ice cream as one can get! Woodside Farm Creamery is located, as you might have guessed, at Woodside Farm. It’s a lovely venue for a creamery: quaint, green, and a real working farm.

As we sat and enjoyed eating all of our ice cream (unlike some bloggers), sheep ran by and we could see the farm’s barns and the stainless steel milk processing silos off in the distance. Truly picturesque!

All of the ice cream is homemade, which we love to see! The flavors range from classics to more unique creations with fun names (see “Dirt,” “Motor Oil,” “Chocolate Thunder”).

tWhen we arrived, there were two signs outside the small storefront with “Today’s Flavors” listed. We were very excited to try some of the more unique flavors that Woodside creates (Bacon!!). We were then disappointed to find out, upon ordering, that two of the flavors we wanted were out of stock for the day and that the only updated flavor list was inside the small store. Disappointing, but we’re very glad for an excuse to go back!

At Woodside, cash is preferred and you pay per ounce for scoops or sundaes. Milkshakes, banana splits, floats, and cow pies are all set prices. And, Woodside is definitely a poppin’ place. During our visit, there was a constant line and the young servers were a bit rushed in serving. While we completely understand the stress, we really felt like service could have been just a little friendlier to make for a better experience.

The Flavor Review:

Motor Oil: This flavor holds a special place in my (Natalie) heart because it is my fiancé’s favorite and the flavor he had on our first official date over 7 years ago at Woodside. Luckily it’s a delicious flavor and I didn’t just get it out of guilt. A coffee based ice cream with mix-ins beyond chocolate is rare, and that makes Motor Oil special. The green-colored caramel swirl is noticeable and tasty alongside the thick fudge swirl. This flavor was creamy and smooth with swirls instead of hard mix-ins, which some people definitely prefer, but I missed a little crunch though.

Motor Oil: Despite my initial hesitation over the name of the flavor (have you ever eaten ice cream called “motor oil”?), this was a stellar choice. The base was a smooth and creamy coffee flavor, and the swirls of fudge and caramel added the right amount of sweetness. The caramel is green, which at first was a bit of a surprise, but it was delicious. However, I do wish that the swirls of caramel and fudge were more prevalent throughout the flavor. I really enjoyed those components, and wanted more of them as I was eating.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Swirl: To be completely honest, this was my back-up choice after finding out they were out of the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor that I was soooo excited to try. While I felt like I wasn’t being adventurous with this flavor, it may be one of my favorite flavors to date. The base was a simple creamy vanilla, but the mix-ins are what changed the game for me. The chocolate chips were mini chips and there was a great amount throughout the whole scoop. I thought the flavor couldn’t get better until I found the peanut butter swirl and was in heaven. A thick swirl in ice cream is rare, but Woodside made it happen in this flavor and the bites of peanut butter were like eating it out of the jar – SO GOOD! I started out skeptical about this flavor but ended as one of my favorite flavors ever.

Please enjoy those ~unbeatable~ thick swirls of peanut butter (we did!)

Chocolate Thunder: This was a rich and creamy dark chocolate ice cream. I thought it was quite tasty. I’ll be honest – based on the name I thought there would be some extra chocolate mix-ins (in the form of swirls or pieces of baked goods or something), but that was not the case. The ice cream itself was delicious – classic with a deep chocolate flavor. I definitely enjoyed it, but I do wish that I had known that there were no other components to the ice cream or I wish that the flavor had other parts to it (to really enhance the thunderousness of the chocolate flavor).

Some drippy Chocolate Thunder

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie – 4 Scoops: While I feel like some of our visit was disappointing (hard to find a seat, out of flavors listed, grumpy service), I refocused my vision on the ice cream and overall Woodside was delicious. They definitely know what they are doing with creating delicious, smooth ice cream. The ice cream recipes have definitely been perfected to find the right balance of flavors. I also always love homemade and farm fresh ice cream, which Woodside definitely provides by literally serving the ice cream next to farm animals.

Rebecca – 4 Scoops: I loved that the ice cream was homemade and fresh, and I thought that the farm was a perfect backdrop for enjoying our ice cream on a lovely summer night! The ice cream overall was very creamy and had a great depth of flavor – both the coffee and chocolate bases richly delivered their respective flavors. However, I wish that the flavors had more mix-ins to them, as I felt the added taste and texture could have really enhanced the ice cream flavors.

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