UDairy Creamery – Newark, DE

It would be impossible to tally up how many times in our lives we have eaten ice cream from the UDairy Creamery. (It is A LOT). As University of Delaware students, some of our favorite memories involve UDairy: trips to the creamery, events that gave out free ice cream, and indulging in UDairy in the dining halls and the RA office. You could say that our friendship ~flourished~ over ice cream!

UDairy opened in 2011, and just recently celebrated its 10th birthday! The operation is the quintessential cow-to-cone. Seriously. Take a few steps from the creamery’s entrance and you can view the cows that graciously supply the milk for the ice cream. The ice cream is made on-site by UD students, who also participate in the development of new ice cream flavors. (They even have a class on UDairy and ice cream and we are incredibly jealous of Rebecca’s brother who will be taking it next semester!)

Speaking of flavors, UDairy has 34 year round flavors and other specialty flavors that get added to the menu throughout the year. To consistently have 34 flavors available is quite the feat. Let’s just say that we each tried four flavors and it was hard to narrow down the delicious choices to just four apiece.

We were able to try four flavors each because we tried our first ice cream flights! While we’ve tried beer flights and wine flights, ice cream flights simply take the cake. It was an incredible plastic boat of creamy ice cream deliciousness. And it offered the perfect opportunity for us to try numerous flavors. 10/10 would recommend for any ice cream lovers out there!

YUM – our favorite kind of flights!
Catch ice cream flights, not feelings!!

For those with allergies, UDairy is very accommodating! Just order an “allergy scoop” and the servers will open an entirely new box of the flavor that you seek to ensure that there has been no cross contamination. We know people with allergies who have been to UDairy and have been so impressed with the lengths that the employees go to in order to ensure that customers can enjoy their scoops safely.

We could write about UDairy all day long, but we know you’re eager to hear our flavor thoughts! So, more thorough and informative details about how the UDairy Creamery began and its impact on the University of Delaware community can be found here.

The perfect way to brighten up a rainy day
Never fear – no ice cream got wet in the process of taking this photo

The Flavor Review:

*Buckle Up! We had our first ice cream flight experience at UDairy and therefore have 7 flavors to review!*

Holy Fluffernutter:  So often ice cream has peanut butter cups or a peanut butter swirl through it, but this flavor was fun because the base flavor was a very creamy peanut butter! The peanut butter ice cream was filled with chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff swirl and I’ll admit I was not super intrigued by marshmallow addition when picking the flavor, but it was subtle enough, and the flavor was fantastic!

1923: This is a classic UDairy flavor and I ate a lot of it in college. The french vanilla ice cream has little chunks of chocolate and salted caramel swirls throughout making each bite a decadent delight.

Peanut Coco Loco: This flavor reminded me of eating a candy bar. A chocolate base mixed with a peanut butter swirls and pieces of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups made for a really good and very chocolatey treat. I had never tried this flavor before this visit, but I will definitely be ordering it again.

Caramel Macchiato: This Caramel Macchiato flavor had a coffee ice cream base with caramel swirl and crushed chocolate covered espresso beans for a fun twist on the typical ice cream mix-in. I thought this flavor’s coffee flavor was subtle and the flavor was a little too boring for my liking.

Salted Caramel Mocha Latte: I was underwhelmed with this flavor. It lived up to taste expectations, as it tasted of a combination of coffee, chocolate, and slightly of caramel. It was supposed to have a caramel swirl, but I didn’t taste much of or see that. I was expecting the flavor to have more “oomph” in the form of additional components, but it didn’t deliver. It was a little boring. I feel like a more obvious other texture/flavor would have improved it for me.

Holy Fluffernutter: Full disclosure – this flavor is one of my favorite ice cream flavors EVER. The ice cream base is a delectable peanut butter that is rich and creamy and everything a peanut butter lover would want. The marshmallow swirl is very subtle (which I like because I don’t really care for marshmallows). The dominating flavor is peanut butter and the dark chocolate chips add the right amount of texture and flavor. I absolutely adore it….and there may be a pint of it in my freezer at the moment.

All Nighter: This is a UDairy ~classic~. It has a yummy coffee base with a fudge swirl, chunks of cookie dough, and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies. The coffee base has a strong coffee flavor and is very smooth. The cookie dough and sandwich cookie chunks add chunks of texture and their distribution throughout is very generous. It was rare to get a bite without some of the other components of the ice cream! The fudge swirl adds a deep chocolate flavor that complements all of the other flavors. This is a yummy one (and is my go-to when I’m visiting the creamery with people allergic to peanut butter)!

Delaware River Mud Pie: This is another UDairy ~classic~. The base is quite unique – while it looks like chocolate, it’s not. Instead, it’s a chocolate sandwich cookie base (which I imagine is made by combining vanilla ice cream with crushed up chocolate sandwich cookies). It is delicious. I wish I could do it justice by describing it to you, but it is smooth, creamy, and tastes like eating a rich cookies & cream ice cream that has exponentially more cookies in it. There fudge swirl throughout adds the right amount of chocolatey-ness and makes the flavor decadent, while also melting in your mouth.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie – 4.7 Scoops: UDairy will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, so maybe it got some extra points just for that, BUT the ice cream is also delicious and something I make sure to enjoy on every visit to campus. I love how fresh the ice cream tastes and they also get big points for their creative flavor combinations and the creaminess of every flavor – you can’t go wrong with trying any flavor(s)!!

Rebecca – 4.75 Scoops: This is up there with some of my favorite ice cream ever. First, the list of flavors is beyond impressive. Yes, I have my favorites but I am constantly tempted to try other flavors from their lengthy, delicious, and unique list. (Which is why I’m very thankful that they’ve introduced the ice cream flight!). And, the ice cream is rich, fresh, and creamy, and the amount of mix-ins is very generous (providing the right amount of texture and additional flavor). You seriously can’t go wrong with any flavor! (Although if you’d like my opinion, Holy Fluffernutter and All Nighter are magical)

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