Milk Jawn – Philadelphia, PA

Another first for us this week: our first ice cream pop-up! Milk Jawn makes small-batch, premium ice cream that they offer in scoops and pints at different locations and events.

Milk Jawn delivers on ice cream that is creamy, fresh, and homemade. The flavors are unique and fun, and each one consistently had an authentic and delightful taste!

We recognize that ice cream shops are harder to visit when there is no permanent physical location. However, Milk Jawn is worth any and all effort to figure out where you should go to get some of its delectable ice cream. If you’re wondering: is it worth planning my day around? We’d say: absolutely, yes. We can only hope that the next time that we take a trip to Philly it coincides with another Milk Jawn pop-up. So many delicious flavors to try!

The Flavor Review:

Cha Yen: Say what? Exactly… I didn’t know what this flavor name meant at first either, but luckily the menu had a description! Cha Yen was a tasty Thai basil base with Thai tea caramel swirl. SO GOOD! All of Milk Jawn’s ice cream was super creamy and fresh, but this flavor had the perfect amount of base-to-swirl ratio and the Thai tea caramel swirl was super rich. I would definitely order this flavor again!

Look at those swirls!

Milk & Cookies: Okay, YUM. This ice cream was incredible. Despite it being on the top of my cup, I saved it for last because I really wanted to savor it. It’s a sweet cream base with Oreos and homemade chocolate chip cookies mixed it. It tasted fresh and homemade, and had a generous amount of cookies mixed into it. The cookie chunks/pieces were different sizes and added the right amount of flavor, texture, and crunch. It was DELICIOUS.

Check out those hearty chunks!

Mint Stracciatella: This flavor was basically white mint chocolate chip (but with good size/thick chocolate flakes instead of chips). The mint was such a homemade and fresh flavor instead of being overpowering or chemically as mint can sometimes be. This flavor was in my cup on bottom of Cha Yen and I didn’t think the two flavors mixed well and I missed out on some of the mint, but next time I would definitely order this without another flavor on top to enjoy its purity.

Peep that Mint Stracciatella peeking through!

Chocolate Peanut Butter: This was a tasty version of a classic flavor! The chocolate base was creamy and had a lovely depth of chocolate flavor. The peanut butter swirls were plentiful throughout, and it was truly a delight to eat, as the cold ice cream and savory peanut butter swirls would hit my palette at the same time. It was quite good and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter on the bottom!

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie: 4.75 Scoops – I could taste the freshness of this ice cream in every bite. As I said above, it was the perfect creamy consistency and the flavors were bold. I love supporting (and eating) homemade ice cream and my only complaint is that Milk Jawn doesn’t have a storefront!

Rebecca: 4.75 Scoops – Plain and simple, this is top-of-the-line homemade ice cream. The ice cream was rich and creamy, and tasted authentically homemade. The flavors ranged from classic to unique, and each spoonful delivered with a mouthful of flavor and texture. I enjoyed every bite of Milk Jawn’s ice cream and I will definitely be back to try more of their flavors!

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