La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream – Kennett Square, PA

The Inside Scoopers (us) are always down for homemade ice cream – even before dinner! We visited La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream in Kennett Square, PA on a warm summer night as a way to kill time while we waited for a table at a nearby restaurant. We can attest that it’s the best way to spend time pre- or post-dinner!

La Michoacana is a small ice cream shop located on State Street (the equivalent of a Main Street) in downtown Kennett Square. They serve over 30 flavors of homemade ice cream and flavors range from traditional to “unique tropical”, as they call it. So you can bet that there is a flavor for everyone!

Water ice, sorbet and popsicles are also part of their specialties. Milkshakes and ice cream sundaes are also an option, but the large cup and cone serving sizes are what caught our attention. The portions were quite generous, which we greatly enjoyed!

The small shop has some limited seating outside of their store, with views of charming Kennett Square, where we sat to enjoy our treats.

Snickers & Avocado
Corn & Ferrero Rocher

The Flavor Review:

Avocado: When I saw this flavor on the menu, I knew I had to order it! Avocado is a pretty popular superfood so this ice cream is definitely healthy, right?? Haha! Anyway, I was very impressed with the smooth and sweet ice cream. It wasn’t overpowering in sweetness, but the perfect refreshing flavor for a hot day. I decided to get the suggested chili powder sprinkled on top, but honestly preferred the bites without the extreme chili taste and next time would order without. 

Avocado: This flavor was a light green and it tasted just as fresh and creamy as it looked. It had a smooth avocado flavor that was enjoyably subtle. I personally don’t think avocados have a ton of flavor to begin with, but I thought the flavor was brought out in the ice cream in the best way that it could be. I think the word that best captures the flavor is refreshing. It was good, even though it wasn’t my favorite. They offer chili powder to go atop the avocado ice cream, but as someone who likes everything bagel seasoning on avocado, I can’t help but wonder how that would taste on ice cream….

Snickers: I saw a picture of this ice cream online before arriving and knew I wanted to try it. It was a creamy base with what appeared to be caramel swirl and HUGE chunks of Snickers bar throughout. Honestly, some people might think the pieces were too big but I really enjoyed them because it made the ice cream truly Snickers instead of just having the individual parts of a Snickers bar mixed throughout.

Corn: This is the most popular flavor at the shop, so of course I had to go for it. It was unexpected. It had a light, cinnamony base with hints of sweetness from the corn. There were also very, very small pieces of corn throughout the ice cream. The corn flavor was not overpowering, but was enjoyable as the subtle sweetness of the corn came through. It is worth a try – there’s no better way to eat your vegetables in my opinion.

Ferrero Rocher:  This flavor was delicious! The base was a creamy chocolate-hazelnut. It was well-balanced, but I loved that the chocolate was the more dominant flavor as I’m not a huge hazelnut fan. There were hearty chunks of Ferrero Rocher chocolates throughout and they paired deliciously with the ice cream. I would definitely eat this again, and rumor has it that it tastes great was a milkshake, so you bet I’ll give that a try too!

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

Natalie – 4.75 Scoops: You all know that homemade is the name of the game and La Michoacana does just that – and they do it well. I was impressed with all the flavor options (although it made choosing what to try very difficult) and how creative some of the flavors were. I also appreciated that they had water ice and homemade popsicles for a variety of options. Beyond the ice cream, our experience was made even better with friendly service and generous portion sizes. 

Rebecca – 4.25 Scoops: Overall the ice cream was delicious. The bases were all creamy, the flavors were unique, and the portion sizes were generous (which we ~love~ to see). I think my experience is tough to judge because I tried two unique flavors, and while they were both good, they weren’t my favorites. I loved their Fererro Rocher ice cream and I definitely will be back to try other (perhaps less unique) flavors!

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