Martha’s Dandee Creme – Lake George, NY

Martha’s ice cream stand is exactly what it looks like – the classic ice cream stand experience. We definitely agree with their self description of “a landmark worth the trip”, and you can’t miss Martha’s because of the big rooster on top of its sign (affectionately named Charlie). The stand has been on the same site for its whole operation which was a former chicken farm.

This landmark opened first as a restaurant and then ice cream stand in the late 1930s in the Lake George area of New York state (across the street from Great Escape Amusement Park). The detailed history of Martha’s can be found on their website – it is SUCH a cool story!

A more detailed explanation of Martha’s history.

Martha’s serves classic grill food and delicious soft serve ice cream. Their ice cream flavors rotate through 38 flavor options, but they have about 12 flavors daily. A new flavor calendar is released for each month because the flavors change by the day! It is important to note that Martha’s has something for literally everyone because they always have at least two fruit flavored Dole Soft Serve flavors which is always vegan, lactose free, trans fat free, gluten free, and cholesterol free.

They also make tasty ice cream cakes and famous Dandee Cremewichs, also known as the classic ice cream sandwich, but they come in a range of soft serve ice cream flavors. Their Cremewiches can be found throughout the state at gas stations and farm stands for an anytime treat!

What might be most iconic about Martha’s though, is the HUGE serving sizes. Honestly, if you leave this place hungry – you have made a mistake! Really, we just have to let the pictures do the talking here:

A large cone and a medium cone!

The Flavor Review:

Raspberry: I was curious about how this flavor would taste and felt a little risky ordering it, especially mixed with chocolate, but it was perfect! I’m not usually a huge fruit flavored ice cream fan because they can be too sweet and honestly just give me all the chocolate, but this was a great raspberry flavor. It maintained the fruit flavor without tasting artificial or too sweet. I surprised myself after eating it and said I would order this combination again – but not right away because I was stuffed!

Chocolate: This was the perfect chocolate soft serve. Such a classic flavor doesn’t seem like it would be too hard, but we have tasted crummy chocolate before. The chocolate was the perfect creamy consistency and also a great temperature for licking! It also paired so well with the raspberry to balance the sweet fruit flavor while not being overpowering.

Salted Caramel: This flavor was a little more subtle than I would have expected, but still delicious. You could still definitely tell it was salted caramel flavor and the creaminess was on point! I would have loved it mixed with chocolate for a twist or with a topping like sprinkles or peanuts, or dipped in a sauce.

Salted Caramel on a cone!

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

4 Scoops: Martha’s Dandee Creme was such a fun experience and the soft serve was delicious! They had machines for each flavor option, instead of one machine that uses flavor extracts to make each flavor as it are ordered, which I think made the ice cream taste better and allowed for the option of twists. While I still prefer hard ice cream, this was a unique and delicious visit and I will definitely be back!!

Reality… the ice cream was starting to become a mess so a cup was needed (but look how big of a cup I needed to use!!)

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