Ice Cream Jubilee Autumn (Thanksgiving) Specialty Flavors

*Full review of classic Ice Cream Jubilee flavors coming soon! Thanksgiving is synonymous with certain foods – but we can guarantee you don’t often ever dream of those foods in ice cream form, right? Well we didn’t until Ice Cream Jubilee announced their Savory Thanksgiving Flavors. As soon as we heard about Black Pepper Bacon,Continue reading “Ice Cream Jubilee Autumn (Thanksgiving) Specialty Flavors”

Van Leeuwen – Philadelphia, PA (and other locations, most notably, NYC)

We visited one of Van Leeuwen’s newest locations, its scoop shop in Philly. The shop offered a bevy of flavors, and they let us try as many as we wanted. Did we try 5-8 flavors each? You bet we did! It was a great way to get a full taste of Van Leeuwen’s range ofContinue reading “Van Leeuwen – Philadelphia, PA (and other locations, most notably, NYC)”

Trails End Ice Cream – Conway, NH

We highly recommend doing your food (well, specifically ice cream) research when traveling to a new area so that is exactly what happen on a recent trip to New Hampshire. We’ll spare our readers the details of places we did not enjoy *as much* to highlight this fabulous find.  Trails End Ice Cream has multipleContinue reading “Trails End Ice Cream – Conway, NH”

Martha’s Dandee Creme – Lake George, NY

Martha’s ice cream stand is exactly what it looks like – the classic ice cream stand experience. We definitely agree with their self description of “a landmark worth the trip”, and you can’t miss Martha’s because of the big rooster on top of its sign (affectionately named Charlie). The stand has been on the sameContinue reading “Martha’s Dandee Creme – Lake George, NY”

Caffe Gelato – Newark, DE

Things we learned this week: ice cream and thunderstorms go well together, as long as one has a covered place to enjoy said ice cream. Thankfully, Caffe Gelato had us covered (literally and figuratively)! We were able to enjoy our gelato on a table under an awning, as we watched some pretty impressive lightning flashContinue reading “Caffe Gelato – Newark, DE”

Moo Moo Cows – Baltimore, MD

Moo Moo Cows is a MUST stop in Baltimore if you are looking for a delicious ice cream experience. Honestly, if there is a best Baltimore ice cream shop award, they should be considered! This place has it all: premium ice cream, a fun atmosphere, in a great location, and strong community connections. No joke,Continue reading “Moo Moo Cows – Baltimore, MD”

Bean’s Ice Cream – Southern Virginia

Bean’s Ice Cream is a family owned and operated business in Southern Virginia (2 locations). Upon walking in, it is evident that this place is a local favorite and community focused. The vibe inside Bean’s is so welcoming and friendly!  Bean’s serves Hershey’s hand-dipped ice cream instead of making their own. A huge positive toContinue reading “Bean’s Ice Cream – Southern Virginia”

Jersey Freeze – Freehold, NJ

As a Jersey girl, it was very exciting to get to review the first NJ ice cream shop that we’ve done on the blog. I mean honestly, eating ice cream outside on a gorgeous NJ afternoon with a friend, does it get any better than that? I think not. (Except of course if more friendsContinue reading “Jersey Freeze – Freehold, NJ”

Strawberry Fields – Norfolk, VA

This week we stepped into a new realm: homemade gelato. It was a first for us on the blog, but it definitely won’t be the last! This gelato was everything you want gelato to be: light, creamy, and flavorful. It was the kind of gelato you might stumble upon in a European country and eatContinue reading “Strawberry Fields – Norfolk, VA”