Trails End Ice Cream – Conway, NH

We highly recommend doing your food (well, specifically ice cream) research when traveling to a new area so that is exactly what happen on a recent trip to New Hampshire. We’ll spare our readers the details of places we did not enjoy *as much* to highlight this fabulous find. 

Trails End Ice Cream has multiple locations in the North Conway area of New Hampshire. We literally passed the Intervale Scenic Vista location on our way home from a hike one day. How perfect to find Trails End Ice Cream near the end of the trail… fate was telling us to eat ice cream! This location is across from a scenic pull off and the mountain view was beautiful to look at as you licked your ice cream.

Trails End has slightly varying menus by location, but as a standard they have cone and dish options available for their vanilla and chocolate soft serve and Bobby Sue’s handcrafted hard ice cream. The menu also details sundae possibilities, Trail Blazers (like a DQ blizzard), smoothies, and tons of topping selections. A doggie sundae is also available if you bring your furry friend! 

At the Intervale location, I found it interesting and impressive that they had 25 ice cream flavor flavors, 1 no sugar added/low fat flavor, 1 low fat yogurt flavor, and soft serve. Of the ice cream flavors 15 of them were Bobby Sue’s Homemade ice cream while the others were Hershey’s Premium. We have nothing against Hershey’s (and have reviewed it in the past), but we were here for the HOMEMADE! 

Approaching the window with so many options to assess.

It was so hard to pick which flavors I would try so I decided to get a size small with two flavors and a kiddie size with a third flavor. The very sweet cashier first asked if I was sure I wanted a small (so I considered getting a medium), and then asked if I really wanted the small and kiddie, I assured here I did but was confused as to why she was wondering. Well then my “small” came out and I knew I was at a great ice cream store. I’ll let the picture do the talking:

Can you believe that is a size small? And here is the kiddie size:

Lemon Chocolate Chip in a kiddie size.

It was amazing – and way too much to eat in one sitting, but there was no wasting good homemade ice cream so I can confirm it kept well in the freezer until the next day.

The Flavor Review:

Maple Walnut: The maple flavor in my scoop was pronounced without being overpowering and done very well. I would not be surprised if they used real maple syrup in this flavor because it was so authentic tasting. The walnuts were a nice add, even though they are not usually my favorite in ice cream. Overall a tasty treat.

Maple Walnut on top of Mocha Chip

Mocha Chip: This seemed like a classic and safe option to mix with Maple Walnut, and I was correct. It was subtle and carried the mocha flavor but was definitely not the strongest flavor I’ve had. I approved of the chip to ice cream ratio and enjoyed my scoop of mocha chip.

Lemon Chocolate Chip: Well this was a flavor I had never heard of and could not pass up the opportunity to try. Unfortunately, while the lemon flavor was pronounced and the chocolate chips were good, it was not a favorite flavor. I usually think of lemon as Italian ice/water ice, so I was intrigued by a creamy ice cream form of lemon but ultimately I think it needs to remain in the water-based ice treat family. It was weird to taste refreshing lemon as cream based.

Lemon Chocolate Chip

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

4 Scoops: I was very impressed with my visit to Trails End Ice Cream. Obviously I loved the portion sized and it was a good financial deal. Having homemade ice cream (even if it wasn’t their own) is always our top priority and it helps when it is delicious ice cream like Bobby Sue’s!

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