Vacchiano Farm – Readington, NJ

This one hits super close to home aka on a stretch of highway that I’ve driven thousands of times. But, it’s a relatively new place, and started serving ice cream recently, so I was very excited to get inside and give it a try!

Now, this is not your typical ice cream scoop shop. Instead, the scoops are located in a farm store, that sells everything from produce to farm-fresh milk to meat products and ice cream. Honestly, who doesn’t love eating ice cream and supporting local farmers?

I loved the creativity of the flavors. While there were the classic chocolate and vanilla, there were also more adventurous flavors, such as Chocolate Danger, Carrot Raisin, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Cookie Blast, Caramel Waffle, and a variety of fall-themed flavors (including pumpkin and apple pie). It was hard to choose! I appreciated that we could get two flavors in a small, so that I was able to try more than just one flavor.

There were some flavors on the list and not in the freezer and vice versa. I do wish that the list had been a little more comprehensive, so that I would have known more specifics about what was in some of the flavors offered. They were delicious, I just would’ve like to know what I was eating!

The Flavor Review:

Chocolate Danger: This flavor was chock-full of chocolate (aka what I love). It had brownie pieces and chocolate chips swirled throughout. I really enjoyed the brownie in the ice cream – it was slightly chewy and contrasted well with the creaminess of the ice cream. I thought the chocolate base was good and enjoyable, but it wasn’t the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.

Mocha Chip: As its name describes, this had a coffee base with chocolate chips throughout. It had a strong coffee base and was rich and creamy. This may sound strange, but the chocolate chips were the perfect size and texture for ice cream. You may say, how can there be perfect chocolate chips for ice cream? But there are. These added the right amount of texture in every bite, without feeling like I was chomping on chocolate. Overall, I thought the coffee flavor and the chocolate chips worked well together!

Cookie Blast: This flavor had a vanilla base with cookie dough, chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, and a fudge swirl. It was my favorite flavor of the day! I loved the ratio of mix-ins to ice cream and each bite was a lovely mix of flavor and texture. Each bite was very yummy and I wish I had had more of it!

Vanilla Walnut Brownie: This flavor, unfortunately, was the least favorite of the day. I was excited because I’ve never seen a flavor like this. It was a vanilla (or sweet cream) base with walnuts and brownie pieces added in. While I was excited to try it, there but there was something off about it. I don’t know if it was freezer burnt or something was off with the base, but it tasted a little off (and I can’t place my finger on how it was off). I love the idea, but the execution didn’t do it for me.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

3.5 Scoops: I thought that the ice cream was creamy and tasty, and that there was a great ratio of ice cream to mix-ins. I appreciated that the ice cream had the fresh taste of homemade ice cream and that there was a wide variety of flavors. The price point was also good for homemade ice cream – at $3.50 for a small (with two different flavors), that’s a price that really can’t be beat. Overall, I thought that the ice cream was very good, it just wasn’t my favorite. But still definitely worth a trip for the ice cream and the other farm fresh goods (especially the Spring Run Dairy milk – if you live in the area, this farm-fresh milk is definitely worth a try)!

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