A La Mode Shoppe – New York, NY

The great Taylor Swift once said “Welcome to New York!” and truly, there is no better way to be welcomed to New York than with ice cream. (Although New York pizza and bagels would also be great).

A La Mode Shoppe is unlike any ice cream place we’ve seen before. Not only do they serve ice cream and other goodies, but it’s also a boutique store, selling children’s clothes and toys. Tbh, it seems like a one-stop shop if you’re looking to buy something for the kids in your life and get ice cream. Or, really if you’re just in the mood for ice cream.

Plus, there were multicolored disco lights – which gave the seating area in the store a fun glow. It was like being in a club, but far better because there was no loud music, no crushes of people, and lots of ice cream. And, the employee who served me my ice cream also gave me a free chocolate candy for the road, so it doesn’t get any better than that!

One notable thing about A La Mode Shoppe is its commitment to making ice cream that is allergen free. It is nut free, egg free, sesame free, and there are dairy free options as well. We love when stores make such an effort to make delicious food safe for those with dietary restrictions. A+ for that!

The Flavor Review:

Wired: This was a coffee base with chocolate chips swirled throughout. The coffee base was very strong and had a true coffee flavor – the best thing to liken it to would be cold brew in ice cream form. I thought the flavor was truly delectable. I do wish the texture was a little richer and little creamier. There were also some ice chips throughout my scoop, which took away from the taste. Overall, I enjoyed the taste, but the texture wasn’t my favorite.

Chocolate: This was a solid, classic chocolate. I thought the chocolate flavor was present and it was good, but it wasn’t great. Again, I wished the texture had been more rich and creamy. So overall, it was a good, classic chocolate that I would eat again, but it didn’t blow my mind.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

2.9 Scoops – I loved the ambience of the store and its commitment to allergen free ice cream. The flavors were strong, particularly the coffee, but I did wish the ice cream was richer and creamier and had a little more oomph to them. Plus, both of the scoops had ice chips in them, which unfortunately took away from their taste. However, I did enjoy the ice cream and thought it was good, and I would go again – especially to try some more of their signature flavors.

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