Central Dairy – Jefferson City, MO

So Scoopers, we’ve done our first tasting in the Midwest. As we suspected, land is a little flatter out here. Please enjoy some pics of Jefferson City, aka Missouri’s capital city!

What downtown Jefferson City looks like
A very stately capital building

When we did our research, it was clear that Central Dairy is the ice cream spot to hit up in Jefferson City. Fun fact, it’s the number one rated dessert place in Jefferson City. And, after the trip to Missouri, we mentioned our trip out there to a friend and their response was “oh I hope you went to Central Dairy.” So this is clearly the place to visit in the capital city.

First, the prices. This ice cream was $7. That’s right. Two double scoop waffle cones for SEVEN dollars. Sometimes it’s hard to find one cone for that price in East Coast cities.

There was definitely ample flavor choices, ranging from fruity flavors to classic cookies ‘n cream/chocolate chip cookie dough/moose tracks, to the more unique including Tiger Tracks and Peppermint Stick. And the place was hopping. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and almost all of the tables were filled. Clearly the place to be in Jefferson City!

And the ice cream is technically homemade. From our understanding, it’s one of those places that started out a local dairy homemaking their ice cream, but their production expanded, leading to what it is today, which is a larger scale producer of the ice cream.

The Flavor Review

Chocolate Mousse: I’ve eaten lots of chocolate ice cream in my life, but have never encountered a chocolate mousse flavor. As an aficionado of chocolate mousse pie, this seemed up my alley. It was quite good! The chocolate base tasted like a thicker, more frozen version of chocolate mousse and there were chocolate flakes sprinkled throughout. The flavor delivered on what it was: chocolate mousse in an ice cream format.

Tiger Tracks: This was one of Central Dairy’s premiere flavors, consisting of a “golden” base mixed with chocolate sandwich cookies, fudge swirls, and chocolate truffles. The base was a little odd – it’s described as “golden” base, and I’m not really sure what that means. It tasted mostly like vanilla, but a little faker. The best part of this flavor was the chocolate truffles, which melted in my mouth. The smooth melty chocolate was a great contrast to the ice cream.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

2.4 Scoops: The selling point of the ice cream was the size to price ratio. I left feeling very satisfied about the amount of ice cream I enjoyed for the bargain price. And don’t get me wrong, the ice cream was good. I liked the chocolate mousse flavor and the addition of the chocolate truffles to the Tiger Tracks. But overall, I felt like the ice cream was nothing special. The “golden” base of Tiger Tracks tasted like a fake vanilla. Overall the ice cream was very similar to that you could buy in a half gallon at the grocery store. Worth a stop in Jefferson City if you’re looking for a healthy portion of ice cream!

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