Sugar Hill Creamery – New York, NY

Thanks to a generous friend who knows us well, we had a gift card to use at Sugar Hill Creamery and took a trip up to Harlem to give it a try!

Sugar Hill’s flavors are the definition of unique. When we visited, the flavors included Chairperson of the Board (blueberry cheesecake), Hello New World (vanilla ice cream with Nilla wafers, Oreos, and a caramel swirl), Tuma Buma (coffee ice cream with ginger and tumeric candy), Neneh Cherry (a nutty ice cream with a pop of cherry), Sweet Socialism (dark chocolate sorbet), and The First Day Out (corn jalapeño ice cream with a blueberry hibiscus swirl). As we visited during the summer, some of these flavors are their seasonal summer flavors.

They also have a flavor that includes summer squash, zucchini bread, and pickled ginger (that’s right, we bet you never imagined those mix-ins in an ice cream). We were hoping to give this flavor a try, but unfortunately it wasn’t available.

We did try the corn jalapeño flavor though (how could we pass that up??). It was interesting to say the least. It was balance of sweet and spicy that we’ve never experienced before. A spoonful was enough for us, but we respect the creativity!

As you can tell, the flavors are all outstandingly unique and so intentional, which is not something you find everywhere. For instance, Tuma Buma is inspired by a coffee-making ceremony of the same name that is unique to Ethiopia. We appreciated the uniqueness and richness of the flavors.

The Flavor Review

Tuma Buma: This is a flavor with a coffee base and ginger and tumeric candy. The coffee base was delightful. It was rich and creamy and had the flavor of a cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream in it. I thought the candy added a nice texture and crunch. Truthfully, I didn’t know what the candy was made of while eating it, but I knew it tasted good and complimented the coffee flavor. Without a doubt, the best part of this flavor was the coffee base.

Hello New World: This flavor featured a vanilla base with Nilla wafer and Oreo chunks, and a yummy caramel swirl. The base was a solid vanilla that was smooth and creamy. The chunks of Nilla wafers and Oreos were plentiful and gave the ice cream oodles of texture and flavor. That was the best part of this flavor – plentiful chunks to jazz up the ice cream base and meshed deliciously with the caramel swirl. It was the best of all the worlds – creamy, crunchy, and smooth.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

3.5 Scoops: The best part of the flavors was Tuma Buma’s coffee base. It had a pure coffee base with just the right amount of sweetness. It was delicious and I could eat it all day long. Overall, I thought that the ice cream was good and I appreciated the selection of unique flavors. I do wish that there were a few more basic flavors too, as I would have loved to try a classic chocolate or a flavor with a chocolate base. In sum, the ice cream was good

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