Amorino Gelato – New York, NY

As you probably know, gelato isn’t as much of our thing as ice cream, but we also can never turn down a chance to try a frozen dessert, especially when we’ve walked past the store multiple times and it seems to be calling our names.

So, we finally stepped foot into one of Amorino Gelato’s locations in New York City. And wow, was it amazing. The freezer was full of differently colored and delicious-looking gelatos, as well as homemade macarons. Interestingly enough (but very fitting), the macarons are filled with gelato, which is not something we’ve ever seen before.

With all of the different flavors of gelato, it was hard to make a decision. We must have pondered all of the options for a solid eight minutes. Luckily, they allow for three flavors in a “classic” size cup, so that is exactly what we went for! And, you can also choose to get a macaron on top of the gelato as well, and of course we had to try it.

The Flavor Review:

Coffee: This tasted like pure coffee in gelato form. The flavor was absolutely strong – you knew you were eating coffee gelato. It was a little too bitter for me, but for all of you coffee purists out there, this probably would’ve been right up your alley. While the flavor wasn’t my favorite, the texture was light and creamy, as gelato should be.

Amorino Chocolate: This was an intense dark chocolate ice cream. Like the rest of the flavors at Amorino, it was strong and you knew that you were eating dark chocolate ice cream. To me, it bordered on the line of bitter, but I still enjoyed it. It amazed me how the light and creamy gelato was able to carry such a strong, deep flavor. They had another chocolate option, which I’d definitely recommend for those who are not a fan of dark, slightly bitter chocolate.

Salted Butter Caramel: I have never had a flavor that tastes like this – it was very unique. It tasted more buttery than caramel-y, and reminded me of butter pecan flavors more than salted caramel flavors. If you’ve ever had something with brown butter in it, this ice cream was reminiscent of that flavor. While it wasn’t what I was expecting, I enjoyed it. It’s not your average salted caramel by any means.

Stracciatella: The favorite flavor of the day! The vanilla base had such a strong vanilla flavor that tasted rich and pure, while also being light and creamy. It was amazing and highly enjoyable to eat. That strong vanilla flavor paired nicely with the dark chocolate woven throughout the base. It is no wonder why this flavor is a classic – it was truly delicious and I would absolutely go back for it.

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

3.5 Scoops: Overall, the gelato was light and tasty, and carried a surprising depth of flavor. It was very fresh and authentic tasting – it wouldn’t be out of place in Italy. The flavors, however, were very strong. For some flavors, it worked for me (like the Stracciatella), but for others (like the Coffee), it didn’t. I enjoyed my Amorino Gelato experience, and I would eat it again, but it wouldn’t be a “must visit” place for me. On a different note, the gelato was served kind of messily (like it was hanging over the edges of the cup) which made it slightly hard to hold and then eat without hands getting sticky.

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