Ice Cream Jubilee Autumn (Thanksgiving) Specialty Flavors

*Full review of classic Ice Cream Jubilee flavors coming soon!

Thanksgiving is synonymous with certain foods – but we can guarantee you don’t often ever dream of those foods in ice cream form, right? Well we didn’t until Ice Cream Jubilee announced their Savory Thanksgiving Flavors. As soon as we heard about Black Pepper Bacon, Maple Rye Pecan, and Honey Sage Stuffing, we knew we had to get our hands on them!

Yes, you are reading those flavor labels correctly!

Luckily we had a family member in the Washington DC area who was willing to grab us some pints so we could taste-test these unique flavors as part of Thanksgiving dessert – really we should have served some of these flavors with dinner…

While these flavors are definitely out-there, I think Van Leeuwen’s Mac & Cheese Ice Cream still wins for our most adventurous. You can find our review of that flavor HERE.

The Flavor Review:

Black Pepper Bacon: This was vanilla ice cream with salty-sweet surprise followed by a black pepper after taste. Ice Cream Jubilee describes the flavor as “smoky sweet” to replicate bacon, but no one who tasted this flavor was reminded of bacon and instead tasted a unique vanilla with black pepper. We were not appalled by this flavor, but we’re also not running out to buy more. Paired decently with apple pie. 

Maple Rye Pecan: Out of the sampled flavors, this was definitely the most traditional. This flavor contains <1% alcohol and was it noticeable! The ice cream base was maple syrup flavored and paired well with the candied pecans (which were plentiful!) and there was definitely more than enough of rye whiskey. I am not typically a whiskey drinker, so maybe it was just me, but I thought the rye flavor was overpowering. Generally, a wholesome flavor that could definitely be served beyond Thanksgiving. 

Sage Honey Stuffing: Well… when you mix dairy with cornbread, honey, sage, and rosemary you get an atypical flavor of ice cream. Honestly all family members described it simply as “odd”. The sage flavor was pronounced to help create a taste that indicated you were definitely eating something like stuffing, and the chunks of cornbread swirled throughout definitely held up – if that’s a good thing? Our only recommendation after eating this flavor is to enjoy your calories elsewhere.  

Overall Scoops (out of 5):

3 scoops: Honestly, it was good (i.e. creamy) ice cream. Odd flavors, but solid ice cream. Luckily for our tastebuds, each flavor was subtle enough to not make you want to spit out the ice cream and tasted much better than the other ~creative~ flavor we tried (and could not finish) in October. We have yet to try other Ice Cream Jubilee flavors, so we will reserve a full review for a later date, but based on these fun flavors, we are very eager to try their more traditional ice cream. Overall, we suggest keeping your favorite Thanksgiving food out of your ice cream. 

Major props to Ice Cream Jubilee for producing super-premium, all-natural ice cream homemade in Washington, DC. We can’t wait to eat try your classic flavors!

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