Doumar’s Barbecue – Norfolk, VA

Yes, you read that right. Our most recent ice cream adventure occurred at a barbecue place. We didn’t try the barbecue this time around, but should we start a barbecue blog, Doumar’s will be high on our list. We went for the homemade ice cream, homemade waffle cones, and history. The founder of Doumar’s inventedContinue reading “Doumar’s Barbecue – Norfolk, VA”

Blue Cow Ice Cream – Virginia Beach, VA

Located in a strip mall in Virginia Beach, this ice cream shop is easy to miss, but worth a trip! For any readers in the western part of Virginia, they do have another location in Roanoke (and for other Virginians, according to their social media, a Fredericksburg location is coming soon). The range of flavorsContinue reading “Blue Cow Ice Cream – Virginia Beach, VA”

City Center Ice Cream – Newport News, VA

City Center Ice Cream is located in Newport News, VA. It is (and you probably guessed it) located in the large City Center complex. It’s a quiet, kind of unassuming shop, but it delivers some of the creamiest ice cream ever. You walk in and the dipping freezer is filled with all of the colorsContinue reading “City Center Ice Cream – Newport News, VA”

Why We’re Here

Simply put, we love all things ice cream: creameries, milkshakes, gelato. In fact, it’s definitely one of the things we bonded over when we first met. And, well, the ropes course helped too. (Thanks RA training!) Now, living in different states and with some time to spare, we wanted to put our love of iceContinue reading “Why We’re Here”